Adopt Microsoft Office 365 within days not months.

Say goodbye to old ways of working and hello to Microsoft Teams.

We are a people first digital consultancy focusing exclusively on helping your colleagues get the most out of Office 365. By creating world class adoption and change management strategies we enable your colleagues to achieve their very best work in days not months.

We have seen almost all situations and encountered some of the most challenging environments in complex organisations. These experiences have allowed us to know ‘what good looks like’ and what works, enabling us to have an immediate impact by quickly understanding the pain points and end user resistance towards technology adoption.

We increased Microsoft Teams usage by 398% in a few short weeks.

We were contacted by a leading UK university to help improve the staff and student experience across their 24,000 user population. By developing an adoption strategy and plan, the Changing Social adoption team set to work following our proven ADOPT methodology. Within weeks we saw users embracing new ways of working, recruited over 100 self-selecting digital champions and took end users on a journey to improve their knowledge of the full capabilities of Microsoft Office 365.

Trusted by the worlds biggest brands

We have deep product knowledge on Microsoft technologies and a broad range of industry experience across a range of sectors.

It’s world class

We create world class adoption and change management plans for organisations of all shapes and sizes to ensure that you and your colleagues are realising the full power of Microsoft 365, in days not months.

Contact us to see if you’re eligible for a free two day Microsoft Teamwork assessment.

“Without Changing Social’s help we would have never been able to achieve the full potential of Microsoft Teams”

Josh Clarke, Director of Coffee, Clifton Coffee Roasters

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