Digital Champions

Create a community of self-selecting and engaged employees who happen to be Digital Champions.

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Let us show you how you can save you time and create an engaging community of self-selecting digital champions.

Programme Overview

Our Digital Champions on Demand Programme is based on years of experience in building sustainable and engaging communities of engaged employees from across your organisation. Based on academic research we conducted with a leading UK University we deliver this service through Microsoft Teams and Yammer. The Digital Champions on Demand programme is a 12 month subscription designed to alleviate some of the biggest challenges when designing and cultivating a community of engaged Digital Champions.

Key Benefits

  • On Demand Resources
    As part of the programme you will have access to three resources; a dedicated Community Manager, an Office 365 Adoption Specialist and an Office 365 Product Expert. Combining these resources we can ensure that your Champions Network is set-up for success regardless of the constant changes to Office 365.
  • Engaging Campaigns & Communications
    We keep your Digital Champions engaged and excited through the use of campaigns and engaging communications to minimise churn and champion turnover.
  • Structure & Expertise
    It’s sometimes hard to know where to start in developing a community. Don’t worry, with our structured programme, you will benefit from having our experts on-hand to actively engage with your community and ensure the sustainability of your network.
  • Analytics & Gamification
    With weekly analytics and league table we generate unique insights into how your Digital Champions community is performing. We also reward your Digital Champions with badges for completing activities and tasks which lead to the sustained success of your adoption journey.

An affordable, simple and structured programme saving you weeks.