About partnering with us

We’re a group of ex-Microsofties with a deep understanding of how to help people use the technology that they is enabled. Our expertise is within Microsoft 365 and Office 365 user adoption delivered through a proven change management frameworks. We are not deep technical specialist, or a support function not do we intend to be. If you’re interested in partnering please get in touch, we make things very easy to work with us.

Why partner with us

We have deep product knowledge, broad industry experiences and we learn about complex organisations and the people within them every day. You can have confidence in us that we will deliver a world-class service to your customers.

By partnering with us you can expect to see increased CPOR revenues as well as from discount pricing.

How we support you?

  • Sales enablement training to your teams.
  • Updated collateral on our Partner Portal.
  • Account mapping and service alignment.
  • Support throughout the sales cycle.
  • Regular updates on active engagements.

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