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Our services

Quick Start Adoption

Our quick start adoption services will ensure that you have all the crucial adoption and change management plans in place so you can deliver value in days not months. Once the plans are signed off, we will then deliver onsite / remote business engagement sessions to drive awareness and excitement of new ways of working.

Targeted Adoption Services

Are you about to transition from Skype to Microsoft Teams? Or maybe Microsoft Teams has been rolled out for a while, but your colleagues are still confused about what tool to use when? Our Targeted adoption services ensure that you have the right governance and change management in place to see Microsoft Teams success.

Digital Champions on Demand

Digital Champions are vital for a healthy and sustainable network in a world of constant change, but often a part of adoption process that people get so wrong. Our Digital Champions on Demand service is a fully managed programme that will save at least 4 full weeks of time over the course of the year.

Teamwork Assessment

By completing our Teamwork Assessment you will have a clear set of actions and next steps to drive Microsoft Teams in your organisation forward. We will give you tips and tricks so you don’t make some glaring mistakes and help your team to envision a modern workplace looks like.

The Adoption Game

The Adoption Game has been played with over 200 IT and internal communications professionals since we launched this is Spring 2019. You will learn all you need to know about Adoption and Change Management for in a one-day session. It’s also a lot of fun!

Accessibility and Digital Inclusion

One in seven of us in the workplace have a disability. Our Accessibility and Digital Inclusion workshops goes beyond the technology, but focuses on the human interactions between colleagues ensuring that we recognise and are mindful about the different ways people learn and communicate.

A handful of the customers who trust us

What our customers say about us

Working with Changing Social has been fantastic. They immediately understood our business and how Microsoft technologies can help us achieve our goals in becoming a paperless business.

— Josh Clarke, Clifton Coffee

We rolled out Microsoft Teams to over 10,000 of our colleagues worldwide within months. Having worked with Changing Social, they have been fantastic, I can say that we couldn’t have done this with out them.

— Heather Newman, Hillrom