Teamwork Assessment

Make the shift to Microsoft Teams in our Teamwork Assessment Workshops.

You could be eligible for a free Teamwork Assessment worth $5,000. Register your interest below.

What is included in the Teamwork Assessment?

1. Teamwork Questionnaire.

You will be sent a questionnaire prior to onsite work starting, which will be a series of technical, people and process based questions so that we are able to have an immediate impact.

2. Change Management Assessment.

This is a one day onsite (or remote) workshop where we will cover the following topics:

  • Your organisations goals, objectives productivity pain points
  • Your change capabilities
  • Your key stakeholders, user scenarios, awareness and training requirements

3. Microsoft Teams Envisioning Day.

One day at your location running Office 365 & Microsoft Teams sessions with your key stakeholders. These stakeholders could be Chief Execs and their Assistants, your pilot users or have us floor walking creating awareness of Microsoft Teams and collecting early user feedback on Microsoft Teams.

4. Report & Recommendations.

Based on the information that we have gathered from the previous steps we turn this information in to a simplified plan of next steps with all of the information that we have acquired in a basic road map for you to work on.

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