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Partners in Crime (& Training): 365Tribe X Changing Social

Partners in Crime (& Training): 365Tribe X Changing Social

This week we sat down and had a chat with one of our longest standing and all-time favourite partners, 365Tribe.

As a specialist in adoption and change management, the team at 365Tribe are passionate about transforming global workforces. They do this through one-off Microsoft Training webinars and the Digital Champions Programme, which is delivered by both Changing Social & 365Tribe, to encourage long-term change around the way organisations use Office 365.

Here at Changing Social we are passionate about sustainable change and reinforcing behaviours, so love working with 365Tribe to do this. We spoke to Zoe Watson and Luke Weston, co-founders of 365Tribe about all the work they do and how working with Changing Social is of value to their customers too.


Changing Social: Thanks for joining us today. It is not an exaggeration to say that the team at Changing Social and our clients love working with 365Tribe. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do and what makes you so good at it?

365Tribe: Absolutely! And thank you, we have really enjoyed working with Changing Social over the last couple of years, it’s been an amazing journey working together to help our customers realise the value of their investment in Office 365.

We are passionate about what we do and have a fascination with how people use technology.

We love people and technology! 365Tribe focuses on the people side of technology, helping people to realise the benefits of transitioning to the modern workplace through our Digital Champions Programmes.

We designed our Digital Champions Programmes, to inspire and motivate Champions. Ensuring access to the latest content and resources to learn how to use the tools and enthuse about them.

Our goal is to create a sustainable community of Digital Champions, that have the knowledge and motivation to help colleagues.

+20 years of knowledge, enthusiasm and experience (good and bad) means we know how to get it right!

Feedback from a joint 365Tribe and Changing Social programme this week: exciting, informative, interesting, useful, engaging, effective, encouraging, thorough, detailed, insightful, efficacious, motivational.

Changing Social: We always get great feedback from our clients on the way we work together as one entity. That’s important to us both as we want the experience to be as seamless as possible for the client. What do you think is the secret ingredient to a great partnership?

365Tribe: Like all great partnerships, after meeting at a conference, the conversation started in a bar (Steve Crompton met Zoe Watson). Instantly there was a like mindedness in approach. After three hours of laughter and strategizing we have never looked back.

A shared passion for people and technology. Equal amounts of smiles and work.

Working with Changing Social is like working with an extended 365Tribe Team.


Changing Social: Microsoft 365 has transformed massively this year in response to COVID-19 and the shift to remote working. What do you think will be the big trend we will see over the coming months, and what advice would you give organisations to adapt to these new ways of working?

365Tribe: Organisations are becoming more ambitious, many of the limits of older ways of working are now removed. There is a revolution of new ways of working. Pioneered by Champions, perfectly placed within organisations and with knowledge of the latest technologies.


Changing Social: I’m sure there’ll be some avid Digital Champs out there reading this blog. What do you have in store for them over the coming months?

365Tribe: We improve our programmes every day based on feedback and new technology released by Microsoft. The programmes just got a facelift, everything became more beautiful and easier to navigate! We continue to engage our Champions with new features and content released on a weekly basis.


Changing Social: How does working with Changing Social support you to deliver for your clients?

365Tribe: Structured agile, Changing Social are a brilliant balance of traditional approaches from lessons learned in the real world combined with a focus on modern updates.

This dovetails with our customer focused approach.


To find out more about 365Tribe visit www.365tribe.co.uk or ask us how you can have your own Digital Champions Programme in your organisation.

The Digital Champions Programme is a great way for organisations to create passionate people who are keen to spread the word about Microsoft365 and share their learnings with their colleagues.

For many companies, this 12-month programme really cements the change in behaviour and ensures adoption long after we have completed our programme and left the building.

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